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Adoyo C. Adoyo

Luo artist Adoyo's first language was drawing and it remains her most elemental way of communicating her experience of the world. She has said that she is happiest when she is drawing, and drawing when she is happiest.

The artist uses a variety of materials, but she favors pencil and charcoal above other media. In addition to graphic art, Adoyo also produces sculpture and pottery.

Her work can be found in private collections throughout the United States as well as internationally. Some of her drawings are also featured here on the Zamani website.

Adoyo is a literary scholar and specialized in Medieval and Renaissance Italian Literature and Golden Age Spanish Literature at Harvard University where she received her Ph.D in Romance Languages.

Her primary research interest is on the correlation between structure and meaning in poetry and specifically on the textual archotecture of Dante's Commedia.

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