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Folklore Contest Announcement

From time immemorial, people have told their stories, sung songs and painted pictures that grow out of their traditions and shape their vision of the world. Today, important questions are asked about the significance of such traditions and whether they have a place in the modern global village.

  • Does traditional folklore still have any meaning today?
  • Is it merely a relic of bygone time?
  • Does it have any value beyond just casual children's entertainment?

These questions are at the heart of Zamani's first Folklore Contest for Primary and Secondary School. We seek original works based on folklore and mythology, created by young people in Primary and Secondary school.


Contest entries may be the work of an individual or a group working as team. Each entry should include three sections:

Section A: The story or stories you, the contestant, will use to help answer the questions of the contest. These can be either narrative or pictorial. For example:

  • A folk tale, a myth or a legend written in prose or verse that retells an old traditional story or reshapes traditional folklore in modern terms. These may include original illustrations. You may also use song lyrics in this section.
  • Artwork that are original illustrations of a story or of a particular legendary or mythic figure. If you decide to submit artwork, the entry must include a summary of the original story you have illustrated.

Section B: Background information about the story. Tell us about:

  • The origins of the story: from which tribe/ethnic group does the story come? Are you also from this group?
  • Who traditionally tells the stories in this cultural group?
  • Who told you this story?
  • Where is this cultural group from geographically?
  • Are there any special landmarks or monuments that are especially important to this culture?
  • What is the special significance of these landmarks?
  • Include any other information that helps illuminate or contextualize the story you chose for your entry.

Section C: Your answers to the key contest questions.

    • Your answer may be "YES" or "NO".
    • Please show us how the story you chose illustrates this?
    • You may describe a specific of general situation and use it to show why you have given your answer.

Submissions may be in any language, including the original. Please include a brief synopsis in Kiswahili, English, French, Portuguese or Arabic if the story you enter is not in any of these languages.


Zamani Chronicles will accept entries to the contest from October 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009.

1) You may send your completed entry by post to:

1306 Massachusetts Ave, no. 408
Cambridge MA 02138

2 ) You may also submit your entry online by clicking


3) OR by email to